Buy PC games cheaply! PC Gamers Favorite Locksmith and how to buy

PC gamers purveyor, including steam and orgin, as well as the platform for the download and sale of PC game software is a great spread Japan, PC game product Code, I think that the demand of the site which sells the Cd-key has risen, too.

Since origin is dealing with EA (Electronic Arts) products, the price remains high, and the number of software is small in the first place. On Steam, you can buy a game comparatively cheaply because there are many kinds of software on sale almost every day.

But the game software you want is not necessarily just for sale, and large-scale sales are held during the long break of each season, so you have to wait for it even if you want to buy it cheaply.

However, by purchasing a site called DL sales site or a locksmith, you can buy a game software that you want relatively cheap at any time, I will introduce some of the DL sales site and the locksmith that PC gamers often use.

In the first place, the locksmith sells the code, key that will be able to download the corresponding game software when you enter it in steam, rather than selling the game software itself.

I think some people have experienced the purchase of a package of game software when they buy a book, or a piece of paper with an alphanumeric DLC download code.

It may be the same price as steam and orgin, but basically, immediately after the release, PC gamers are very recommended because many cases can be purchased cheaper than the usual purchase just before.

However, you may not be able to play in Japanese if you buy it on the site to be introduced in the future even if there is a notation of Japanese correspondence on Steam and orgin.

Also, when it comes to the RU (Russia) version, if you don’t use a method of pretending that you’re overseas, VPN is the place you are now accessing. Basically, you can not activate the game itself, and on steam is prohibited by the terms and conditions, Worst ban (only violated if you bought software on Steam via VPN? Because there is a possibility that you will not be able to play the game that has been purchased until now, please at your own risk.

I introduce the DL sales site and the locksmith who are mainly using it personally. (The Best Place)

Buy Steam Games Cheap from major games that everyone knows, it is an overseas site that sells DL of various genres of games to indie games that may have hidden masterpieces. While the price of the game software on sale is as much as the other DL sales site and the locksmith, it is a DL sales site which can be recommended very much because it is possible to purchase it even cheaply because it distributes and publishes the coupon code which can discount 20% or more very often.

If you register your account for free, you may receive a 25% discount coupon in the Mail magazine, so I might be able to register anyway.


A type of service purchased from people who exhibit steam, origin, Uplay Activate code (Key) and steam gifts like Rakuten, Yahoo and ebay. The latest games are still higher than the time of Key1024’s coupons, but any game is relatively cheap and recently Japanese display, in addition to the circle display, the support to respond in Japanese has also been started. The key is also issued in a few minutes, it is recommended when you buy a game that has been a little time since the release.


Although not well known in Japan, the new game is cheaper than any other locksmith, so when the release rush of a masterpiece or popular title comes a little locksmith may be able to afford a wallet.

When you buy a game, you can log in to my page every day and hit the button to get points, and it’s good to get a discount when you buy the game!

However, it is necessary to pay attention to the payment using PayPal for game purchase.

You know, the largest online shopping site “” is an American site.

Basically, I always go on a sale, but my impression is that it is relatively high compared to other locksmith’s, and the sale contents are often subtle. However, when it was cheap, it was really cheap, and I also bought it in when the BioShock Infinite was released.

The site is all in English, and it seems that only the people who live in the United States are able to do the shopping, and the address registration with a little ingenuity is necessary. Please fly from the link below because it explains the detailed purchase method in this blog. ⇒ How to buy pc games by


I think that it is a sale site of the check necessary for Mac users because there is a sale often also for the game software for Mac not only Windows 10.

Of course Windows 10 games are also on sale, the price is cheap and the user’s reputation is good. But I have not used it yet.

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